About Pigeon Tours

Pigeon Tours developed from an existing business, Izzi & Popo, which specialised in brocante and second hand goods from Europe. The owners, Harry Silman and Bernadette Wyer, worked with lifelong friends travelling through Belgium and France to bring the best of European brocante to Melbourne, a business that they have run for over 12 years.

How did we get our name?

The name came about whilst travelling in Europe with a friend who had no map reading or navigational skills, and was always surprised by Bernadette’s inbuilt radar. Bernadette became known as the Pigeon. Bernadette came late to travelling for an Australian, but once she was off and wandering she discovered that every small town, big city or backyard had something to offer. Someone else’s shed or foreign supermarket always has something that is worth shipping home.

More about the tours

Pigeon Tours is for small groups who wish to follow a thematic tour such as the Paris flea markets. On this tour each day is spent in an organised flea market, or on the brocante street markets which take place almost every day somewhere in Paris.

Before Izzi & Popo and brocante became her passion, Bernadette worked in the fashion industry and developed a big love of textiles. Hence the textiles in Turkey tour, visiting textile stores in Istanbul and carpets specialists further afield.

Then there is food, everyone’s favourite. Two great countries for food and history, Italy and Israel. These tours will be developed with local cooks or chefs with produce from the region.

Bernadette Wyer, who organised all the buying and shipping from Europe with her buyers for Izzi & Popo, will accompany each tour. Pigeon Tours is offering to help ship any purchases back to your desired address.



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